Watch Kevin steen shoot interview 2017

Kevin steen shoot interview
Kevin Steen didn’t exactly grow up in a wrestling hotbed. From a small town in Quebec, he developed a dream and overcame several obstacles along the way to reach the heights he has in a business where so many try and fail. In this interview we discuss every step in the journey, from his beginnings where he trained with the controversial Jacques Rougeau (aka The Mountie), to the burgeoning indy wrestling scene in Montreal with the IWS, to his debut at the ECW Arena in South Philly with CZW, his emergence as a top star in PWG and his turbulent rise to the top of Ring of Honor where he remains one of the most popular stars in the company’s history. Steen’s talent and charisma is undeniable and that’s what took him to the top, but there many speed bumps along the way and as we mentioned before, Steen is very outspoken and isn’t afraid to voice his opinions regarding his experiences…

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